Monday, March 16, 2009

CAP appears in Crain's Chicago Business

Crain's Chicago Business
March 16, 2009

No appeal to fee plan

Greg Hinz's Feb. 27 blog entry, "State board wants fee to appeal property taxes," about the state Property Tax Appeal Board, was on the mark. My group has found there is almost no support for property owners who want to contest their assessments.

This new fee proposal is just another deterrent. We propose that for this fee to even be considered, it must be reimbursed to the property owner if he or she wins the appeal.

Our group's new white paper, which deconstructs the inequities of appealing property assessments to the Lake County Board of Review, has a proposal: For any homeowner who pays for a certified appraisal to prove that they are being overassessed (which costs $325 and is the only way we have found to appeal successfully in Lake County), the appraisal fee should be reimbursed if the homeowner wins the appeal.

John Wasik
Citizen's Action Project

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